Seattle Cascades Cancel 2022 Tour


It is with a heavy heart the Northwest Youth Music Association announces that our ensemble, the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps, will not be participating in the 2022 DCI summer tour.

After much consideration the leadership of the Cascades, along with the Board of Directors, made the decision we believe best ensures the future of the organization and maintains the high standard of the Cascades world class experience. The difficulties that still remain from the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, as well as continually rising inflation, are just two of the factors that lead us to this very difficult decision

In keeping with the mission of the NYMA to deliver a world class experience for everyone involved with the organization from our members and staff to our volunteers, the corps leadership and the Board of Directors have already begun to plan a return to the competitive field for the 2023 season.

The Seattle Cascades and the Northwest Youth Music Association wish all 2022 DCI participating corps a safe and successful summer tour. We appreciate the help the DCI community has shown in offering opportunities to our members to participate in 2022 and we look forward to rejoining you all in 2023.

2022 Drum Corps Associates Tour Schedule


Jun 25 Bridgeport, CT

Jul 9 Clifton, NJ
Jul 13 July Livestream Competition
Jul 16 Landisville, PA
Jul 23 Long Island, NY
Jul 30 Williamsport, PA

Aug 3 August 3rd Livestream
Aug 6 Kingston, NY
Aug 20 Toms Rivers, NJ
Aug 20 Columbus, OH
Aug 24 August 24th Livestream
Aug 27 Reading, PA
Aug 27 Seymour, CT
Aug 27 Atlanta, GA

DCA World Championships | Rochester, NY Sep 2 Mini-Corps and I&E
Sep 3 Prelims
Sep 3 Alumni Spectacular
Sep 4 Finals

Joint Statement from Drum Corps International and Spirit of Atlanta


Drum Corps International and Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps would like to make the following joint statement.

As Spirit of Atlanta has examined the task ahead of us to provide the safest and best experience to members, staff, and volunteers, and also in consultation with DCI, we have made the decision to go on hiatus and reorganize during the 2022 season. Spirit of Atlanta believes that this is the best path forward to serve our mission, build the infrastructure that we know that we need for our future success, and to build the corps that we want to be. We believe that stepping back will allow Spirit to deeply analyze the changes that will help this organization and activity make the improvements needed to provide the highest standards for the health, safety, and social-emotional needs of our participating youth. Spirit of Atlanta and DCI collectively believe that it is in the best interests of all to complete this important work and return as a competitive corps in 2023.

We look forward to returning to the field soon.

George A. Dickinson, Board Chair, Spirit of Atlanta Inc.

David Starnes, Executive Director, Spirit of Atlanta Inc.

Chris Moore, Corps Director, Spirit of Atlanta Inc.


DCI Statement, January 9, 2022


DCI takes any complaint of misconduct in the drum corps activity seriously. There is no higher priority than protecting the safety, health and welfare of drum corps members, staff and volunteers taking part in our participating organizations, activities and events.

In August, DCI received a complaint against the Spirit of Atlanta organization for violations of the DCI Code of Conduct by performing members of the organization. The serious nature of this report immediately triggered an independent investigation in accordance with DCI’s ethics and compliance reporting policies and procedures.

A comprehensive review was conducted by an independent investigation firm retained by DCI to focus on Spirit of Atlanta’s response to the misconduct reports.

The independent investigation found that Spirit of Atlanta, among other things:

  • Failed to properly investigate or respond to credible complaints of misconduct.
  • Failed to articulate, internally and externally, the job duties of persons in authority and those charged with the duty to keep participants safe.
  • Failed to properly train performers, staff, volunteers, administration and its board relative to Spirit of Atlanta’s and DCI’s Code of Conduct.

After reviewing the report from the independent investigation firm, and discussing the findings with the Spirit of Atlanta management, the complainant and the complainant’s parents, the DCI Board of Directors adopted the findings and recommendations of the report in full and placed the Spirit of Atlanta organization on probation for a period of 24 months. The terms of the probation require, among other things, that Spirit of Atlanta:

  • Demonstrate that it can comply with the DCI Code of Conduct in all areas of its operation.
  • Engage an independent third-party consultant to review Spirit of Atlanta’s organizational and training processes, clarify its accountability structure, and create and implement policies and procedures that ensure Spirit of Atlanta’s code of conduct and other policies align with or exceed the requirements of the DCI Code of Conduct.
  • Create a senior leadership position whose principal focus is to ensure that staff, volunteers and performers are provided with a positive working environment and have appropriate training and resources to ensure the health and welfare of all involved.

Spirit of Atlanta has accepted the terms of the probation and stated their commitment to compliance. DCI’s Board of Directors and management will be closely monitoring Spirit of Atlanta’s compliance with the probationary terms.

In the past year, Drum Corps International has substantially revised its Code of Conduct, policies, procedures and processes to assure the good health, welfare and safety of all persons that participate in our activity. In close partnership with its member organizations, DCI will continue to foster a safe, rewarding, positive and educationally appropriate environment for all.

To support these efforts, additional comprehensive resources are currently in development and will be announced in the coming months. DCI will continue to take any complaints of misconduct seriously and encourages anyone with knowledge of such misconduct to report it.

Additional Resources

DCI Ethics and Compliance Reporting
DCI Community Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines

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