Seattle Cascades Set for Return to Drum Corps International in 2023


seattle cascades

The Northwest Youth Music Association is pleased to announce that plans for the return of the Cascades Drum & Bugle Corps to World Class Competition in 2023 are well under way. An Exploratory Committee headed by Executive Director Michael Leone has been formed to begin the process of building a 3-year plan, hiring a Corps Director, selecting a design team and staff, and a developing a progressive program that will serve the needs of its’ members and local music educators in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

“The NYMA is so pleased and excited to be able to bring back our flagship ensemble the Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps for the 2023 DCI competitive season. Plans have been well underway for over 6 months to build a stronger business-like infrastructure to not only support our flagship ensemble but other community-based ensembles in the future.” Said Brian S. Fisher NYMA Board Chair.

Some of the new organization concepts will include alternating winter rehearsals sites within the Seattle and Portland area and involvement of Northwest educators that represent all areas of the Northwest region, while providing a fun, educational tour and a highly competitive, and enjoyable program at over 20 DCI major events across the country.

If you would like to be part of the staff or volunteer for this exciting program, please contact Michael Leone at

For more information on dates and times for 2023 auditions and camps continue to look at the website,

2022 DCA World Championships Finals

Rochester, NY
September 4, 2022

World Class
1. Buccaneers           97.600
2. Caballeros           96.725
3. Bushwackers          94.600
4. White Sabers         90.800


Open Class
1. Hurricanes           89.450
2. Atlanta CV           87.750
3. Cincinnati Tradition 83.350
4. Rogues Hollow        81.475


A Class
1. Fusion Core          85.275
2. Skyliners            80.950
3. Govenaires           78.975
4. Columbus Saints      71.675


2022 DCA World Championships Prelims

Rochester, NY
September 3, 2022

World Class
1. Buccaneers           96.875
2. Caballeros           96.325
3. Bushwackers          92.525
4. White Sabers         90.325

Open Class
1. Hurricanes           88.100
2. Atlanta CV           87.725
3. Cincinnati Tradition 83.725
4. Rogues Hollow        81.900

A Class
1. Fusion Core          84.500
2. Skyliners            79.800
3. Govenaires           78.850
4. Columbus Saints      70.975


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