Madison Scouts Adopt Inclusive Membership Policy

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During its eighty-two year history, the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps has served an all-male membership, which reflects upon its founding as a Boy Scout troop in 1938. Over that course of history it has proudly served its mission to provide programs for youth in music and performance training through a positive environment that emphasizes character and social development, leadership, self-discipline, and the pursuit of excellence.

From day one, the corps was integrated racially and has since carried a strong culture of diversity through race, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. The Madison Scouts organization imposes a higher standard of rigor and excellence for itself and its participants, and seeks to meet the dynamic needs of its community as those needs evolve over time.

In keeping with its core values and extending the principle of diversity, the board of directors has adopted a non-discrimination policy that expands membership to all genders/news/213 to participate in the Madison Scouts, effectively opening the way for women to become members of the corps.

“This is a historic day for the Madison Scouts,” stated Executive Director Chris Komnick. “No doubt it will challenge our long history, but the value it brings to our mission and the members we serve is immeasurable.”

This will be a challenging process and transition, but moves the Madison Scouts in the best direction to deliver its mission within an inclusive and values-focused environment. The organization expects to deliver a welcoming and encouraging experience for all participants.

“The question of member eligibility in the Madison Scouts is one of high stakes, strong emotions, and different opinions,” said Programs Director Dann Petersen. “I applaud the courage of our Board for a very thorough analysis and decision in the best interest of Forward Performing Arts, the Madison Scouts, and current and future members.”

“I am very proud of the work the board has done on the topic of member eligibility. We have made a decision that aligns with our principles and sets us on the best course,” said Board Chairman Michael Garvin. “I welcome the change and look forward to the positive impact this will have on our organization.”

coed madison scouts The Madison Scouts remain respectful to its historical past, but are excited about the opportunity to serve a newly diverse membership and the value that brings to the organization.

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