VMAPA Executive Director Resigns


Santa Clara, CA. March 8, 2023 – The Vanguard Music and Performing Arts (VMAPA) Board of Directors announces the resignation of VMAPA Executive Director Jeremy Van Wert with gratitude for his work with the organization. A mutual agreement will allow Mr. Van Wert to continue with the organization until March 17, 2023, to ensure a successful transition of responsibilities and programs.

Mr. Van Wert was named VMAPA Interim co-Executive Director in July 2020 and became Executive Director in 2021. Since then, he has been instrumental in leading the organization in many new initiatives and innovations, particularly during uncertain times brought about by the pandemic. Mr. Van Wert’s contributions and accomplishments include the development of virtual fundraisers, the production of 2021’s “Wait for Me” original performance video, the engagement of alumni through projects such as the Vanguard Historical Society, supporting the formalization of the Vanguard Hall of Fame procedures, the establishment of a new Health and Wellness program for performers, the exploration of new market opportunities, and the execution of partnerships, such as Southwest Airlines, to further the Vanguard brand. Returning to the post-pandemic DCI competitive stage in 2022, the Santa Clara Vanguard earned a top-5 placement, and the Vanguard Cadets celebrated their seventh Open Class gold medal while Mr. Van Wert served as Executive Director. Most recently, Mr. Van Wert has been supporting a team to improve the experience of Vanguard Bingo.

“It has been an honor to serve as the Executive Director of Vanguard Music and Performing Arts for the past two and a half years,” says Van Wert. “I want to express my deep appreciation to all of those who have supported, dedicated themselves, and contributed to the organization’s success during my tenure. As I step down from this role, my greatest hope is that Vanguard will continue to provide a transformative, life altering, and enriching experience for high achieving performers. I wish the organization all the best in its path forward.”

The VMAPA Board of Directors sincerely thanks Mr. Van Wert for his dedication and commitment to Vanguard during his time as Executive Director. While VMAPA is presently focused on optimizing operations and prioritizing those efforts, we’d like to thank our current management team, which will continue running the organization’s day-to-day needs. The Board of Directors also continues to assess organizational needs in furtherance of VMAPA’s mission to enrich lives by increasing opportunities for participation, education, and excellence in the performing arts. On Behalf of the Board of Directors,

Amy Lipshy

President | Board Chair

Vanguard Music and Performing Arts

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