3 thoughts on “2021 DCA Virtual Competition Show Schedule”

  1. WTH!!!!!~

    I went to log onto my long anticipated show (Rump! Ca3bs 70-72 and now in Florida) and could not get in! Online posts say I was not alone! When is rebroadcast… second email

  2. 70-73 Caballeros Alumnus! RUMP!

    I purchased tickets for 2021 season and was not able to access stream. Paid and is on my Card account. Are they trying to keep logging on directions a freaking SECRET! Eventually I got to page at 7:04 and was informed the “show was passed”.

    I had anticipated the show since finding out about it and very upset all Saturday night! I live in Orlando since 2000 and saw one show here with only the Crown to entertain me and give hope!

    Can you tell me how to access the midweek show? I love the 75 Anniversary uniforms and keeping the sombreros, if not the bell-bottoms! 🙂 I beseech you for an answer, my brother!!!!

    Rump! Ronnie Zucker

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