One thought on “DCI Pittsburgh (2023)”

  1. Enjoyed most of the show but they really need to move the venue. Front row, 50 yard line, but the ushers were highschool kids and all we did most of the night was up and down up and down and several times it was for the same kida walking by and walking all the way down to the NEXT section instead of being routed to the proper entry way. When you would get to get up and go to the restroom or food counter, same thing, the ushers had three or four friends all standing around blocking the entrance. Then instead of a P.A. address system with someone in the box just announcing the Corps, they had a women down at field level practicing her comedy routine and everyone around us were complaining about her. She just went on and on and on. We don’t care what groups are there watching the show, we don’t care if people prefer Pepsi or coke, cake or pie. Shut up already! Then, no parking at the stadium, you had to park elsewhere and be school bussed to the stadium and then wait for a bus after to get back to your vehicle, fun when its threatening storms and Temps in the high 80s. Seriously, move this thing to Acrisure Stadium and be done with it. Its in the city so easily accessible from all directions, plenty of parking within walking distance, plenty of restroom facilities, tons of food vendors in the hallways, PROFESSIONAL USHERS!!! I go to Big Loud Live to catch the Semi’s at the the theater every year and its comfy and air-conditioned but it just can’t duplicate the live sound. Anyway, just move it and be done with it, it could be turned into a major DCI/PITTSBURGH EVENT. Devils looked like the Corp to beat and but the Crown was hot on their heels only coming in secon by a short margin. Really liked the Cavaliers show and the fact they still wear hats and actually use them to their advantage with the head movements. (Take notes other Corps, only mommy and daddy care about being able to pick little Johnny and Susie out, NOT THE AUDIENCE. “its too hard to move with the shakos on” its supposed to be hard! It looks more military and enhances the look of the Corp on the field 10 fold. Green Machines drumline was superb and I liked the way they would keep the corp tight and compact a lot of the time. Honestly, somebody needs to take this event over and give Pittsburgh what an old drum corp town deserves, a better venue and a hell of a lot more advertisement.

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