Legends to be inactive for 2023 Season


After thoughtful consideration, the Legends Performing Arts Board of Directors voted unanimously to go inactive for the 2023 Season.

“The escalating costs to operate a touring corps continue to show no signs of reversal and while we always do our best to find a way, the current economic and global conditions will be a challenge that will take more resources to provide a quality experience,” says Ibe Sodawalla, CEO. “As the founder of the corps, this organization is one I take great pride in and I’ve seen the impact we make to everyone involved. The decision to be inactive is one that is not easy to make and is necessary for us to strengthen our foundation, limit our risk, and revisit our strategic plan moving forward.”

We would like to thank Legends 2022 for being with us on our relaunch. You are truly a special team that inspired many and helped to identify the strengths and weaknesses in this next era of the activity. And to those that expressed interest in Legends 2023, we appreciate that you had considered us for your experience.

Any questions or how you can support Legends can be directed to Ibe Sodawalla, CEO, at ibe@legendspaa.org.

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