Bluecoats Announces TAMA | BERGERAULT as Percussion Performance Partner


Bluecoats is excited to welcome TAMA | BERGERAULT as our new percussion Performance Partner. The partnership will equip the Bluecoats percussion ensemble with TAMA | BERGERAULT marching & concert instruments. Additionally, TAMA | BERGERAULT will support other programs that serve the Bluecoats mission of providing life-changing performance opportunities for young people around the world.

The Blue Way Summer Arts Camp and the En-Rich-Ment Drumline are two examples of such programs. The Blue Way Summer Arts Camp is a program where students rehearse alongside the Bluecoats and get the Bluecoats Experience for a weekend. En-Rich-Ment, a partner of Bluecoats’ that operates free after-school programs for students in Stark County, will also receive support.

“We are really looking forward to working with TAMA | BERGERAULT as our new percussion Performance Partner, not simply because of the great instruments they offer, but also because of the level of enthusiasm they’ve shown toward The Blue Way and En-Rich-Ment programs. Our educational outreach programs are very important to us, and having both organizations in sync on that front made it a natural choice to enter into this partnership.” – Mike Scott, CEO.

“The Bluecoats are thrilled to enter into this partnership with TAMA | BERGERAULT. We can’t wait to get these fantastic instruments into our performers’ hands, and begin crafting the sound of the 2023 percussion ensemble.” – Tom Rarick, Director of Percussion / Composer / Designer.

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